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In Loving Memory of Marta McDonald


Draws members from the following areas:

New York – Dunkirk, Medina, Cherry Creek, Westfield, Fredonia, West Seneca,  Jamestown,  Clymer,  Orchard Park,  Bemus Point, Celeron
Ohio – Conneaut
Erie – Union City, Warren, Corry, Atlantic, Albion, Russell, Townville, Edinboro,  North East,  Clarendon, Warren, Cochranton, Saegertown, Finleyville


President - Chris Magno - 812-340-3884

Vice Presidents - Gigi & Jason Goodwill

Secretary: Lori Blanc- 814-520-5523 -

Co-secretary – Lin Parco

Treasurer – Dan & Jo Arnold

Auditor – Bayani Quijada

Conneaut Ohio/Albion Coordinator - Nita Moyer

Buffalo Coordinator - Romeo & Art Barcena

NY Coordinator - Lenora Carpenter & Terry Quijada

Erie Coordinator - Terry Morales & Marie Dreyfus

Meadville Coordinator - Annie Hoffman


The Filipino-Am of NW PA objectives are:

    • To serve as a support group for Filipino immigrants who prefer to settle in Northwestern Pennsylvania and contiguous areas.
    • To serve as a clearing house for information on various services available in Northwestern Pennsylvania that would benefit Filipino immigrants and longtime residents and their families, and help them achieve economic self-sufficiency, social acceptance and empowerment.
    • To foster fellowship and closer relations among Filipino Americans in Northwestern Pennsylvania and contiguous areas, and enable them to assist each other in achieving fuller participation in American Society.
    • To promote and maintain awareness of the Philippine heritage and American values in order to help Filipino immigrants adapt to their new environment and facilitate their assimilation into the American culture.



    Monthly meetings are held the third Saturday of each month September - May


    P R E S S  R E L E A S E

    PR-CBR- 048 -10                                                         
                                                01 October 2010
    October is FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH in the United States

    On 02 November 2009, the US House of Representatives unanimously approved
    House Resolution 780 “Recognizing Filipino American History Month in
    October.”.      Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA-52) introduced the Resolution
    in the House. Over 50 members of the House signed as co-sponsors.

    The Congressman, who is also Co-Chairman of the U.S.-Philippine Friendship
    Caucus and Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, said.
    “We are pleased to honor the Filipino American community and pay tribute
    to the extraordinary contributions that Filipinos make to this nation.
    Filipino Americans have been part of the American experience, confronting
    many difficult challenges while being resolute and steadfast in their
    cultural heritage.”
    The resolution was passed in recognition of the centuries-old presence of
    Filipinos in the United States, of the enduring friendship and cooperation
    of Filipinos and Americans, of the significant contributions of Filipinos
    to American society whether these be in the healthcare system, in the
    arts, in science, technology and other fields which enrich “the landscape
    of the country…”. Also recognized was the need to continuously document
    the history of Filipino immigrants in the United States.

    In 01 October 2009, the US Senate also passed its own Senate Resolution
    298 declaring October 2009 as Filipino American History Month. The House
    Resolution, however, did not specify any year and therefore marks October
    permanently as the celebration of Filipino American History Month.

    The Resolutions were a result of the work of the Filipino American
    National Historical Society (FANHS), founded in 1982 in Seattle, for
    Fil-Ams to be given its own month to celebrate its history and culture in
    the United States. It should be that favorable time to celebrate,
    remember, reflect, motivate and renew efforts towards the promotion of
    Filipino American history and culture. This should “provide an opportunity
    for all Americans to learn and appreciate more about Filipino Americans
    and their historic contributions to… the United States of America.”

    Why October?

    The Resolution cited that the earliest documented proof of Filipino
    presence in the United States was October 18, 1587, “when the first
    ‘Luzones Indios’ set foot in Morro Bay, California, on board the
    Manila-built galleon ship Nuestra Senora de Espranza.” This was more than
    33 years before the landing in Plymouth Rock of the first English
    immigrants (1620).

    The Philippine Consulate General and NaFFAA, Region 1 enjoin our Filipino
    communities in the Northeast to dedicate their projects and activities
    this October to commemorate our Filipino-American heritage and culture.
    All are enjoined to undertake their own activities to observe and
    highlight our community’s historic contributions and achievements in the
    United States.

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    Thanks to the sponsors of the website - Filipino entreprenuers who are members of the organization:

    • Geri Myers a Coldwell Banker Realtor
    • David's Landscaping and Design -
    • Lori Blanc Photography/Video contributor
    • Mike McDonald co/web contributer



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